Ask a basketball fan about the “Dream Team,” and they’ll rattle off Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, and others. And yes, arguably, and maybe indisputably, the 1992 Olympics basketball team was, in fact, the greatest team ever assembled. But basketball is not why we’re getting together at O’Maine Studios, Friday, November 5. We’re there to celebrate our very own Dream Team of Maine Distillers Guild distillers at Meet Your Maker.

Just look at this roster:

Batson River Distilling

Sebago Lake Distillery

Chadwicks Craft Spirits

Stroudwater Distilling

Liquid Riot Distillery

Sweetgrass Distillery

Maine Craft Distilling

Three of Strong Spirits

New England Distilling

Tree Spirits of Maine

Round Turn Distilling

Who’s the Larry Bird of this bunch? Maybe it’s Luke Davidson from Maine Craft Distilling. Who’s Magic? Maybe Ian Michaud from Liquid Riot. Michael Jordan? Now that’s a tough one! You’ll need to attend and help us choose who is the greatest of all time!

Be there! Order tickets now and please remind your friends of this event because

Team Work Makes The Dream Work!