For transportation, we always suggest a designated driver. Failing that, go for UBER or Lyft (Or a taxi, if you like to keep it old school). Parking is limited at Brick South and Thompson’s Point. (Directions)

Dress for success. That means style and comfort. There will be photographers all over the place, so you’ll want to look your best.

What’s that you say, you don’t know where Thompson’s Point is? Well then, use this handy link

Print your tickets at home or download them to your phone. We’ll be scanning everyone at the door and checking IDs. HOTH events are 21+

If you’ve forgotten where to find your ticket, no problem. It was emailed to you with the subject: “Registration Confirmation To Harvest on the Harbor.”

Share lots of pictures of having fun at the event and use #HOTH and #HOTHfest

That’s pretty much it. We’ll be sharing final details and other good stuff to our InstagramFacebook. Shoot, we might even send a Tweet or two.