Harvest on the Harbor 2021 Feature Events are happening at O’Maine Studios, at 54 Danforth Street in Portland. Our Fringe Events are at each host’s location. Virtual Events are, you guessed it, virtual. Heads up before you order tickets- we’ve reduced our event sizes to create extra space and we have airflow in mind. And proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test is required to enter each Feature Event. 



We are lucky to be supported by some great brands, including the Festival’s Fringe Event partners, which create special, intimate celebrations outside of our major events. Order tickets to this year’s Fringe Events below. 21+

Wednesday, November 3 at 4 PM: Three of Strong Spirits Presents Beyond the Piña Colada – An Introduction to Rum Mixology

While many people only think of rum as a cheap mixer for a glass of Coke or as an overly sweet, frozen drink, rum is a complex spirit with a great cocktail range. One of Portland’s newer distilleries, Three of Strong Spirits, has become known for its creative cocktail program featuring its own rums and sugarcane-based gin. Their knowledgeable team will guide you through a tasting and demonstration of two cocktails. You’ll leave with recipes and tips for how to include rum in your home bar. Tickets include the tasting and two mini-cocktails.


Thursday, November 4 at 3 and 5 PM: Maine Craft Distilling Presents One Shaken, One Stirred

Head to Maine Craft Distilling on Portland’s Washington Ave for a fun and hands-on educational class offering the two basics of cocktail making – one shaken and one stirred. You’ll be able to use Maine Craft Distilling’s tools and ingredients to make two different cocktails. Enjoy the cocktails with bites sent out from the kitchen. Tickets include two full-sized cocktails, snacks, and a tour of the distillery.